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"The Tom Cruise Effect"

It was on kingdom of improbable my hope , of one Hollywood star as Tom Cruise could see my work. Then. in 9:11 PM on Brazil, I sent a message to Tom Cruise's profile on Twitter .. I asked him to see my blog, and he retweeted (re-sent the message) to his followers who are even now is 1.110.954. Just realized that he had done this when I entered my email and he was following me on twitter,now I can write in DM (direct message) to him. It was a huge emotion.The count of hits on the blog, more like a digital timer so many people joining the page, had 300 in 1 minute, the world map that shows countries seemed flashing lights on a Christmas night.And he, realize ,that Twitter not it was sufificente. And Officially he indicated on Facebook and since, I see 350 comments. theTom Cruise effect, still have people writing for me, is wonderful.I just want to be able to make a good exhibition of my paintings, give a better life for my family, have a our home . Dreams ... why not? I can only conquer it with my art. And not only, thank you, for this gentle man who indicated me my art, but everyone who had empathy,something that above all, makes us want to be better people because we emphasize the good,for he wins at the end of the story.Not There is a universe of impossibilities in life if we have faith, hope and friends. Tom Cruise, I do not know you personally ..However, It Is Possible to know how is of a person for Their acts,and its, for me and my family were ... "noble"and a noble man to another, I thank you.
J.E. de Ancerg

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