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Emma Watson (@emmawatson) "With a Prosperous Mind in your heart..." Digital Art by Ancerg This is a digital study for a possible oil painting that takes 5 months on average, I do preliminary digital studies for my clients, all my digital studies can be printed, as well as my oil paintings photographed. However, celebrities that I portrait, no, due not to have their license for this, If allow me themselves to make impressions of the works that I created for them, okay, it's a matter of professional ethics. Usually, when I do some painting with a Celebrity, either I have their consent or I'm hired by them, as it has been since 2010 when my works were spread on Twitter by Hollywood celebrities. Emma Watson, is an Actress and activist that I admire, and long ago tried to find an inspiring way to make an Art for her, this Artwork is simply a tribute to her, she is so authentic and determined, and also because she inspires me to believe in my talents and have hope. So ... I hope she likes it and that the fans love it, too of this Art that I did with all my heart. PS: I Love #harrypotter and #JKRowling @emmawatson #Ancerg #emmawatson #fantasticbeastsmovie #fantasticbeasts #Art #OilPainting #FantasyArt
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