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Open letter to Mark Ruffalo

Open letter to Mark Ruffalo

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  You know Mark, I've been sitting here, trying to write for you, actually almost the whole night... When it finally dawned, my son Arthur knocked on the door, it's "Arthur's time", He does this every single day for 23 years now, exactly at 5 o'clock in the morning, I think he has a clock in his head that makes him wake up precisely at the same hour, was to hug me and kiss me,and everybody in the house, he is special, has Down Syndrome, is deaf and unfortunately last year he lost his sight in one of his eyes. So, When I felt his heart beat along with mine in that hug... Then I realized " My Heart! " That's exactly what used to do. I always kept telling myself ... "If in your heart you determine something in this life you are able to conquer anything." When people discovered my story with my son, they've seen my love for him, Arthur's strength through me, my ability to transform things even when I thought I couldn't... I transformed deficiencies into skills, to teach all children's, the beauty in difference of the other. I created a story of adventures that the protagonists were special children, all super heroes, to help in the inclusion of all children with special needs in the regular school network in Brazil. I worked Gratuitously with my Inclusion Project, as Artist, Father and Speaker, doing a motivational workshop with the educators of the regular school, to show them that they would find a way to educate the children, and from my lectures they all that extraordinary women went to their homes knowing that were more powerful than they thought they can be. I lived in São Paulo, today I live with my family in Recife. From 1995 to 2007, I did my Project, donated all my talents. Then the whole project that I created was considered pioneering and presented to the European community in 2007 in São Paulo, I decided to stop everything, because I realized there, that I had done my part in that journey of love. The Representatives of the Government of São Paulo when they discovered that I was not a non-governmental organization wanted to stop the event, but a lady from the European delegation said, "I have not come so far, not to hear this Man!"
After the event that day an secretary of the government staff said "They were afraid of you, because you did with good will, what they say only be possible with millions!" One note appeared in a newspaper in São Paulo, and another in the newspaper of my neighborhood Cambuci. I had fulfilled my promise for my son, but I was practically broke financially, so I worked fixing computers, singing in a restaurant, all ... except doing my paintings, nobody knew me. And at the end of 2010 I released my page on Twitter, celebrities like Tom Cruise, Donal Logue, Kathy Ireland, Nancy Sinatra, disclosed my Site, said they were my fans, my heart almost stopped, and there happened something that never happened in Brazil to me, "The recognition" but the most beautiful of all this ... I'm writing this line crying, just remembering those days, people wrote to me to say " Thank you! " People all over the world, I could not even respond, so much gratitude in my heart. ... It was so beautiful! We are in 2018, and I am living in Recife with my family, I got a property here to live, it is something that came from an inheritance, If I and my family to live here, we can stay in this house, we can we can live , but we can not sell. It's no possible to return to São Paulo with my Wife, who is a cooking genius and our children Arthur that I told you here and James Gabriel Patrick, our youngest, I have 5 kids, 3 are living in São Paulo. Since 2010, I had got clients, in Brazil to make Oil Portraits, we lived in São Paulo for almost 20 years, my last client was of last year, and Jane had a whole portfolio of businesses in São Paulo, she makes the Chef at home. But in Recife, where we came to live to get a house of inheritance, left us again without financial means, we have a house, but now I and Jane have to start from scratch. To keep the house, Jane is making cakes and pies, and I sell to her, until I get some new client for my Artwork and I did not know what to do.
Then I had this idea of making digital creations, which after being ready can be printed in Canson Infinity Museum ProCanvas in various sizes and values,as did Thomas Kinkade, printing copies of his original paintings in a limited collections and thus I can get a lot more clients, because are much lower prices than my oil paintings, I take up to 5 months make, and are sold at 2,000 dollars,in São Paulo it is possible to get clients, but not here in Recife. “The Collector of Hopes" is a series of Digital Paintings and possibly Oil Paintings, that seeks inspiration in those human beings who make more of their lives and artistic careers, seeing beyond, who fight for the collective through their thoughts and actions, acting when many would give up, spreading hope in the diverse segments that act with perseverance, being a voice for the causes that they have adopted for themselves as a purpose of life and exemplarity. So, what I would ask, humbly for you, would be the same as I asked my dear friend Gloria Mann, first her permission to sell this work I created with Gloria and You Mark. Finally, I forgot the most important thing, if is posible "Share my Artwork" with your friends and fans if you liked my Art, besides my trajectory of love for my son. I'm going to make other digital creations, I realize it's a way to leave something for my boys and daughters and my wife Jane to negotiate in the future one day.
Thank you dear Mark Ruffalo
Best regards